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No matters whether you are individual, agency or company it is always possible to get your business recognized from your website.

We at Softycom building a great website for individual business, small, medium & large enterprises, hospitals, real estate business, all types service agencies, variety of business groups, profit and non-profit organizations.

No additional charge for developing your website. Only you need to pay 3.45 ₹/hour for one year, do more and save money. Including free domain name and hosting upto 30GB.

Health Care

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Real Estate

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Business Services

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Business Ventures

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Retail Shop

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Bring your business online

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Get build your own website from us as people or your customers can easily access your website remotely from home, at work, at anywhere and they will get to know your business, no matters whether your business is of local business or global business your website can act as live firm of yours.

We will embed your business logo, business name with tagline. If you have shop, organization, enterprise or any firm by building your website helps your customers or people or public audience can visit your firm or site virtually by using their device such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets with the help of internet access.

Increase your customers

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To increase the customers we list your all new fresh arrivals or products to your website by doing this your site vistors will get attracted and this may increase the sales and customers for your business. It is necessary to stay in contact with potential and existing customers and the more value your business can offer and more likely they will remain royal.

List your new products or projects

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By listing your all products with product name, price, image, description, specification, status, color & size variations will make a perfect product catalog in your website. By adding these product details your customers can read the product details and many of the customers may find interested in your products. So, there are chances that customers can visit your firm and may buy the products which they had found more interested.

One design fit for all devices and browsers

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Our team has high quality of web designing skills and by utilizing our skills you will have a good quality of business website with optimized performance and it works across all the OS platform of device browsers such as desktops, laptops, tablets and all the smartphone browsers of Android, IOS and Windows.

Multilingual Support

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We make your website to support multiple language with english or hindi as one of the official language and with other native or classical language support such as kannada, marathi, telugu, tamil, etc. this helps official language readers to read the textual content in english or hindi and other classical language reader to read the textual content in kannada, marathi, telugu, tamil, etc.

Geographical Satellite Map

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We will embed a Satellite Map such as Bing Maps or Google Maps or Yahoo Maps on your website, it will be more convenient for customers to locate you. If they like your product, services or ideas and wish to contact you personally, they might want to visit your place. Not every visitor of your website will have the patience to checkout your address on Satellite Maps manually. However, if you add a Satellite Map to your site, they would not have to put in extra effort and would surely remember your location and the directions.

These Satellite maps can also be used on mobile phones, laptops and on tablets (such as Smartphones, iPhones and iPads). User reviews are fully integrated into local map views, and users can quickly get information, thoughts and comments about local hotels and restaurants.

Contact Details

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By adding contact details in your website such as office landline number and cell phone number any user may contact you over phone and by adding your email address any user may send you the mail.

We will add contact form as well and this contact form is basically a set of questions filled out in the contact form by your visitor and these questions are automatically sent to your email when it is filled out with the best reasons to get feedack on your products or services, to get the questions or concerns from the vistiors relating to your business, and to get service or information request this helps your customers to inquire more information about your products or services.

Social Medial Links

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Social Media is the modern term for an age old advertising technique and the word-of-mouth that has endured through the test of time. The principle behind word-of-mouth advertising, or social networking, is simple because people trust their friends and family's opinion of a product more than they do a professional advertisement made in a far-off city by people they never met.

By adding social networking buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. to your site, you are providing your current audience with a means to provide word-of-mouth advertising to their friends, who will hopefully become your future audience.

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