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Accounting Software for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)

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Shopping Cart and Business Website

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Core Banking Solutions

Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Solutions

Instant Money Transfer

Financial Accounting System by using GAAP

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Great technology never stops evolving. We work on the newest technology to maximize your benefits.

Our Services

We build websites and web applications on latest frameworks with stable, mature and clean UI design, runs on various PCs browsers, mobile browsers and tablets. The best way to choose us is based on our programming knowledge assets, skills and development experience we have. No matter which framework we choose, you will get all the benefits and features from Softycom everywhere.

We build native cross platform mobile applications for Windows, Android and IOS. With this you can easily access data, you can securely authenticate and receive push notifications. We deliver Cloud-Connected Mobile Apps with breakthrough performance and faster insight across cloud and on-premises with good offline experience and faster startup times.

Softycom is focusing on building its own software products and to bring those products to the market with the quality of services and a good understanding of customer needs and wants, to benefit the most of our customers by commercialization or monitoring or managing their business with the help of our software products and services.

We provide software consulting services to our customers by understanding their ideas, needs, specification, values and to offer a best possible software solution with increasing efficiency plus minimizing manpower and cost.

Softycom Softwares Private Limited (OPC) is an Indian Software Company, that designs, develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, web sites, web applications, mobile applications and services.
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